Wivenhoe Art Trail

where creatives fling open their doors and invite you to view their latest creations. From ceramics to collage, paintings to textiles, a plethora of art and craft awaits. All taking place in this characterful riverside village in Essex, which in it’s self is well worth a visit.

Wivenhoe is renowned for its creative community and the Wivenhoe Art Trail held in June is a movable feast of established favourites and emerging talent. This event offers an opportunity for you to meet the makers and see their work, often in their studios and working environments.

This is a list of participates – June 2021:

(1) Colin McAllister:
Snublic Gallery, 26 The Cross, CO7 9QL
(2) Sheena Clover:
92 Ernest Rd, CO7 9LJ
(3) Tilly de Willebois & Julie Cuthbert:
49 Manor Rd, CO7 9LN
(4) Dave Purdy:
13 De Vere Close, CO7 9AX
(5) Georgina Lorton:
Talisman House, Chapel Rd, CO7 9AZ
(6) Imy & Ali Hare, Charlotte Wells:
Admiral’s Walk, CO7 9SZ
(6) Maureen Hume, Janet Roberts & Jo Rizzato:
Admiral’s Walk, CO7 9SZ
(6) Everard Longland & Clinton Hale:
Admiral’s Walk, CO7 9SZ
(7) Teresa Cole & Beverly MacGregor:
Creek House, 56 Old Ferry Rd CO7 9SW
(8) Dave Purdy, Margie North,
Vanessa Baxter & Miranda Campbell:
Bookshop, 23 High St, CO7 9BE
(9) Annie & Elin Bielecka:
Nottage Institute, Quay, CO7 9BX
(10) Mark Osborne:
7 Brook St, CO7 9DS
(11) Jo Angell:
Riverside, The Folly, CO7 9DB
(12) Alison Stockmarr, Richard Hayward & Jane Watson:
Dockside, 30 Walter Radcliffe Rd, CO7 9FF
(13) Catherine Dodds & Lone Edwards:
5 Pearl Walk, CO7 9GS
(14) Pru Green, Janet Harker, Fiona Harman,
James Johnston, Simon Sharp, Debra Weiss:
Wivenhoe Sailing Club, Walter Radcliffe Rd, CO7 9WS
(15) Laura Fletcher:
29 Walter Radcliffe Rd, CO7 9FF
(16) Fleurs du Coeur:
Halyard House, 2 Cooks Crescent, CO7 9FJ
(17) Railway Glass Studio:
11 Business Centre, CO7 9DP
(17) Andrea Luxford Vaughan:
10 Business Centre, CO7 9DP
(17) Victoria Ward:
14-16 Business Centre, CO7 9DP
(17) Sarah Waters:
14-16 Business Centre, CO7 9DP
(17) Wivenhoe Printworks:
23/4 Business Centre, CO7 9DP
(18) Kalyani Temmink:
Paget Road Green, CO7 9DT
(19) Sara Barker:
Vikings, Anglesea Rd, CO7 9JR
(20) Wivenhoe Online Gallery:
16 Queens Rd, CO7 9JH
(21) Dantes Ceramics & Tom Dobby:
Wrawby House, 12 Park Rd, CO7 9NB
(22) Vicky Rosenthal:
42 Valley Rd, CO7 9NA
(23) Caroline Moiret:
13 The Dale, CO7 9NL
(24) Jane James:
17 The Dale, CO7 9NL

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