The SAA society for all artists

The SAA, society for all artists, is for everyone with a love of painting. We believe in encouraging everyone, from complete novices and hesitant beginners to the legions of leisure painters and beyond… but the best thing is – the way we make you feel… informed, encouraged, inspired… and so pleased with your results!

The SAA is here to supply inspiration, information, help and advice on a whole host of practical painting issues. The SAA is the most influential and far reaching society of its kind anywhere in the world… with an ever growing ‘family’ of enthusiastic and eager artists (over 45,000 members) it’s the largest art society… and the friendliest!
Contact Millennium House, Brunel Dr, Newark NG24 2DE
Phone: 0800 980 1123

At the SAA we pride ourselves on offering the best possible service and support to all who love to paint. We love to receive ideas from members and to hear about your painting activities. However, de spite our best efforts, sometimes things go wrong. We can only put them right if we know about them. So please do contact me if you ever have any cause to complain about any of our services or products. We will sort it out and please continue to let us hear your good news.

Happy painting, John Hope-Hawkins, SAA Chairman

SAA Principles
SAA do everything we can to provide the best possible service.
We offer value for money always.
We accept any returned item for any reason, at any time. No arguments
SAA Home Shopping ships in stock goods the day you place your order.
We believe that what is best for our members, is best for us. We only want happy members and customers.
The SAA team are trained to always be friendly and helpful and make sure you make the most of all the member benefits your entitled to. They are urged to take all the time that is required to take care of you.
We operate efficiently, our people are hard working, intelligent and share in our success.

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